Saturday, December 21, 2013

Twilight of the Confederacy

Coming this fall...
After three long years of warfare, the Confederacy is in critical danger. The Yankees have cut deep into Southern territory, sweeping valiant Southern soldiers aside and laying everything waste. The gallant General Lee is entrenched around Petersburg, Virginia, desperately hoping to hold out...for what, no one knows. Day by day, Union General Grant tightens his grip on the Confederates holed up in their trenches, awaiting the end.

It is at this point, with nothing left untried and nothing to lose, that General Robert E. Lee offers his boldest suggestion yet. There is still one, last manpower source in the Confederacy, one last source of crucially needed men to stem the Yankee invasion. Enlisting them, however, could mean the unraveling of the Confederacy itself. For General Lee is suggesting nothing less, than enlisting...


Will the Sons of the South ally themselves with the Undead? Will Dixie go down  to the grave- or rise from it? Will Sherman metaphorically put a stake through the heart of the Confederacy- or in reality?

Read a thrilling excerpt from the book:

General Lee was sitting in his soldier-house. It was like a tent, but not really cuz it was cloth not nylon. Oh, cuz they didn't have nylon then, right? It was, like, old times. Anyway so he's in this "tent" and he calls in his soldier that works as his, like, secretary. "Yo, secretary-dude, can you come in for a sec?"

The soldier came in. "What's up?" He asked. 

"I'm thinking that we should, like, enlist vampires or something, you know, like, whatever?"

"Dude" the soldier said, "no effin' way! That would be lame. No way, bro."

Lee felt the tension in the tent. This might be difficult, he thought.

That's just a preview of the riveting action inside. For the rest of this action-packed thrill ride, look for "Twilight of the Confederacy", coming this fall. Buy it, wherever books are sold!

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