Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tonight on the Civil War Story Channel

It's a full 3-hours of all-new programming premiering tonight.

At 8:00- Yankee Teen Moms. Prudence is getting married- at 16! What was she waiting for? Meanwhile, Hester lost her husband Jebediah at Shiloh. Both families are pressuring her to marry Jebediah's brother, Hezekiah, to keep the property in the family. But Hester's been listening to that silver-tongued Copperhead from down the pike. Will she do what's right? And we introduce Jethro and his cousin Abigail. They're an old married couple who are celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary along with their 18th birthdays. They've had 5 kids, with another on their way. But watch out- one of the children is ill...could it be- SCARLET FEVER??? Tune in at 9 to find out.

At 9:00 we have an all new season of Cookin' With General George. Tonight our favorite chef and division commander, George Pickett, shows us how to bake shad. Should be good eats!

At 10:00- Real Confederate Housewives follows several of the Confederacy's brightest belles as they fest, feast, and fight.

And stay tuned for a sneak preview of two upcoming shows: Followed by Big Brother, North-South. What happens when you put 5 Yankees and 5 Rebs in one house? Oh- note from our programming director: due to unforseen technical difficulties, and the need for paramedics, BB-N/S will not be seen.

Instead, we bring you a sneak preview of 50 Shades of Confederate Gray.
Anna, a young maiden, is infatuated with the dashing rogue Christian, a daring blockade runner. But Anna is a true daughter of the Confederacy, and won't let Christian woo her unless he mends his ways and supports the South. Will Christian change? Or is he merely pretending so to win Anna's hand? Does she know this, and is she playing her own game? Does he know she knows? Who knows? Tune in to find out!

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