Friday, November 15, 2013

A note of thanks

A big thanks to Andy Hall over at Dead Confederates for reposting the Gettysburg texts on his site. Judging from the comments there- and the web hits here- I better get back to work! In my defense, Halloween is a pretty big deal for us, so most of our time from August on was spent working toward that end...but enough excuses!

Coming up on Laughing Reb/Yank:
  • I'll finish the Gettysburg texts for the Union side. Meade's a pretty hot-tempered individual in person- in 140 characters or less, he's bound to be pretty direct.
  • I'm hoping to do a live-action version of "Cookin' With General George"- George Pickett's own offering for FoodTV. First up, a recipe for Baked Shad.
  • More reality TV. Real Housewives is a personal favorite of mine. May try different wives, may flesh the current crew out a bit more.
  • A Mythbusters-type show which goes horribly wrong. "Can one Southern boy beat ten Yankees? We put it to the test!" 
  • I'm kicking around an idea for Sherman, where he tries to apply his "March" philosophy to other business ventures. "Termite infestation? We'll burn 'em out!"
For now, I'll leave you with a quote from my forthcoming novel, "Military Insights Of Benjamin Butler"

(that's right- it's completely blank)

Y'all come back now, ya heah?


  1. That would be pretty accurate for Ben Butler! The man had no military acumen at all, apart from knowing how to put on a uniform... The only one who approached him on the Incompetence-O-Meter is probably James H. Ledlie, of the Crater fame.

  2. Poor Butler! Few people know about his great talent as a musician- he was one of the best "spoons" players in the country prior to the war. In fact, he tried to establish a musical academy in New Orleans, but met with opposition from those anti-musical Confederates...